Real-time Corrections to Data

Meeting and Event leaders in strategy, operations and procurement need accurate program reporting to make key decisions.   Missing data and incorrect values can skew reporting by tens of millions of dollars, and put the meetings program into question.  Agencies often employ full-time data analysts to correct errors – and charge the corporation for that staff.

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What Customers think of the Data Angel

"We used to send emails to planners asking them to update or correct data in Cvent and it just wasn’t efficient. They could not believe the Data Angel would help them correct data in real-time.  This is a big time saver for planners. "
Fortune 200 global restaurant company
"Having the custom budget report has saved us over $45K in time in a few months. This is be a big help to our teams."
Top 10 global pharmaceutical company
"Data Angel automation is part of our strategy to vastly decrease time spenton mistakes and creating manual reports. We want our teams focused on the customers and analysis of how thingsare going – not struggling to enter and piece together data."
Global consumer products company
"Our global teams fixed over 40,000 errors in real time last year with the Data Angel…before those errors impacted our customers attending our meetings and gave our leadership bad information.   We reassigned multiple people who used to review data in Cvent to other, more interesting roles. Everyone is much happier."
Top 10 global pharmaceutical company